Meter Number Validation.

Meter number validation is the first step for vending in any disco.

Url Post Request

Demo url:
"meterNumber": "04214346555",
"meterType": "prepaid",
"amount": 5000,
"merchantReference": "123456"
"disco": "kedco"
Element Type Description
meterNumber String - Compulsory The meter number you want to validate for vending/token generation
meterType Enum - prepaid or postaid The meter type to validate for
mobileNumber String - compulsory The mobile number of the client you want to vend for
amount Double - compulsory The amount the client wants to vend
referenceNumber Alphanumeric - compulsory This is a string that should be generated from your application with regards to
disco Enum - aedc, jed , kedco this is disco you want to verify against the meter number

If the request was successful, in return you get the json payload as shown below

Successful Response Payload

"status": "Success",
"description": "Successful meter verification",
"code": 00 ,
"data": {
"transactionId": "01cd7172-a0cc-44ba-afe7-0cfc2b2f33d3",
"referenceNumber": "123456",
"meterNumber": "04214346555",
"meterType": "prepaid",
"minimumPurchase": 100,
"discoType": "kedco",
"customerName": "Hayatu Shuaib",
"customerAddress": "",
"mobileNumber": "08068869000"