All API requests are secured and require an authorization before use. The credentials to generate an Oauth token can be accessed from your merchant account profile page.
There are two credentials available for use(Demo and Live). The demo service is a playground for development, to ensure your setup is working as expected.

How to Generate Access token

Demo url:

“username” : demo_username,
“secret” : demo_secret

Successful Response Payload

"access_token": "LlIm5eBMhGLdChL1L84sVp7LfWO29JXU18kEP0vH6dKCwaBrDUAz_
"token_type": "Bearer",
"expires_in": 40000

Making An Authorized Request

To make an authorized request you must add a http request header

Key : Authorization
Value: Bearer access_token

Replace the access_token with the value obtained in from the authentication request.